About Us

Welcome to the Sudanese Gospel Mission! 

The Sudanese Gospel Mission (SGM) was set up in 1999 by a group of Sudanese refugees in the Netherlands, under the leadership of Rev. Christopher Drale. Our initial concern was to help some of the refugees in north Uganda. We built a church and an orphanage in one of the Refugee camps, supplied a pastor for the church and care and schooling for the orphans. We also provided training for women who wanted to learn sewing and for men who wanted to learn carpentry.

Since 1999 the work has grown and spread, so that now, as the people begin to return to Sudan, we have already built several churches, schools, another orphanage, an adult training centre, health centre and housing.

The overall leader of the work in Uganda and Sudan is Rev. Thomas Inyu.

The Sudanese Gospel Mission has also a church in Houten (the Netherlands).