About Us

Welcome to the Sudanese Gospel Mission! 

Establishing SGM 

The Sudanese Gospel Mission (SGM) is a non-profitable church organization set up in 1999 by a group of South Sudanese refugees in the Netherlands, under the leadership of Rev. Christopher Drale. It was set up with a solid aim to help bring together South Sudanese living in the Netherlands and to provide humanitarian assistance to fellow South Sudanese refugees living in the camps, in northern Uganda Due to the civil war that broke in 2013. 


The SGM managed to build several local churches, in Nimule, Loa, Kajo-keji, and Lainya in the Republic of South Sudan. After the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was signed in 2005, SGM was able to establish its headquarters in Loa, Pageri County South Sudan. The headquarter had a permanent church building with a capacity to accommodate up to one thousand people, an orphanage, a functioning health center with modern equipment to treat the population living in the area and beyond, a population of up to ten thousand. We also set up permanent structures and training for tailoring school, adult education and nursery school in Loa. In Nimule, we have Theological school, nursery school, and women cooperative society. In Kajo-Keji County situated in Yei River state, we have 8 blocks of building for a primary school, in Lainya, we built a secondary school, and have agricultural activities to enable the church to be self-reliant.  


With the ongoing civil war in South Sudan which broke out in 2013, all the above activities have been adversely affected. Meanwhile, the latest wave of violence which erupted in Juba in July 2016 brought the SGM activities in South Sudan to a standstill. The orphans and widows fled to northern Uganda in August 2016 and they are in refugee settlements in Adjumani district. What was built up in Loa, was pillaged and destroyed by the war for example windows, doors and roofs were removed


With the support from the Netherlands, SGM is not only able to support the orphans and widows but also train several pastors and equip them for the spiritual growth of the church. Since 1999 the work has grown and spread with SGM being recognized as one of the efficient services providing churches both to civilians and military in the area of Loa. However, the current civil war ruined our progress and set us backward. To rebuild what had been destroyed by the war, SGM will need some more support from Dutch partners. 

Rev. Emmanuel Lagu is the senior overall pastor managing the work in South Sudan and currently in Refugee camps in Uganda. In the Netherlands, SGM is based in Houten, the Netherlands. 

Rehabilitation program 

As the warring parties have reached an agreement in September 2018, there is a glimmer of hope that final peace will be achieved, therefore, Sudanese Gospel Mission is asking all well-wishers, friends of South Sudan to help us to restore hope and confidence of people who have long psychological post-war trauma. 

An immediate appeal is for the restoration of the health center in Loa, to treat returnees, and re-roofing of the orphanage house to an able us to provide the children will better accommodation.   

Any donation can be made through the Sudanese Gospel Mission bank account. 


Sudanese Gospel Mission is church in the Netherlands registered with Dutch Tax Department (belastingdienst) and Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel/KvK). KvK no: 5007530

Sudanese Gospel Mission is an ANBI-registerd organisation, ANBI No 82057630

Below you find our financial reports in Dutch.