Care of Orphans

We built a church and an orphanage in one of the Refugee camps,
supplied a pastor for the church and care and schooling for the orphans.

Rehabilitation and returning program, Sudanese Gospel Mission Church, Houten, The Netherlands is appealing to well-wishers and all faithful friends of South Sudanese people to support our rehabilitation program. 

orphanage building in Loa, South Sudan before the war.
orphanage building in Loa, South Sudan after the war.

The devastation and carnage destruction caused by civil war is regrettable. 

As the peace agreement is holding between the warring parties, Sudanese Gospel Mission Church is faced with many challenges including reconstruction of the orphanage building, restoration of the health center, and fixing the church building in Loa, Headquarters South Suda. 

SGM Health care facility in Loa, South Sudan before the war.

Health facility/Center in ruin after the civil war, roof, doors, windows removed. support needed to restore it before the returning of the population

Sudanese Gospel Mission is a registered church in the Netherlands with (belastingdienst) Dutch Tax Department and ( Kamara van Koophandel/KvK) Chamber of Commerce.
ANBI No 82057630
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